About Mayekawa India

Mayekawa India Private Limited was established in April 2007 to cater the Indian market. We import the Reciprocating compressor from Mexico and Screw compressor from Japan and assemble the unit in our Indian factory. Mayekawa India maintains a reputation for excellence in screw and reciprocating compressors, as well as service and technical support and parts supply.

Mayekawa Manufacturing Company has expanded its business by focusing on freezing and compression technologies ever since its establishment in 1924. As a thermal engineering company we have long contributed to providing business solutions to our customers based on these technologies and in turn continuously evolved our technology and services. This process is indicative of our business development style whereby Mayekawa creates ‘cooperation’ based on trust with our customers to develop ‘Basho’, Mayekawa's unique concept of problem solving in which Mayekawa engineers and our customers collaborate closely by sharing a common challenge and vision, and synthesizing knowledge without functional/organizational boundaries. Synchronization with customers' vision is the key, and in such Mayekawa has succeeded in creating a unique market where no other competitor can enter, thus freeing competitive energies for utilization in creative initiatives.

Mayekawa's mission is to ensure food safety, taste, quality, affordability, and stable supply by providing a variety of technologies that are labor-efficient, add high-value , facilitate new-product development, save energy, and are environmentally friendly.

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