beveragesExcept a few areas of the world the production of beverages including soft drinks, fruit juice and other non-alcoholic drinks remains at the same level. Soaring energy costs force beverage producers to conserve more energy. What's more social pressure to protect environment needs environmental measures.

More consideration for higher efficiency and environment is needed than ever in beverage markets.The processes in beverage plants use tremendous both heat and cold energy. The optimum system defers from the products what customers manufacture or the production process.

Mayekawa finds the optimum energy supply system for individual production process in order to realize energy-saving and eco-friendly plants in consideration of utilizing heat totally, understanding customers' manufacturing process and production equipment.At beverage plants lots of water is used for cooling process after the sterilization process, so conserving water is also one of the critical factors. We collaborate with customers to build water saving systems with natural refrigerant technology including adsorption chillers, while utilizing exhaust heat effectively.

Mayekawa offers systems and components below:

Cascade cooling system

Super cooled ice-making system

Adsorption chiller

Temperature stratification tank

Evaporative condenser unit



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Client Testimonials

We have been using Mayekawa, (Mycom 4L) 2 nos. compressors and we are very satisfied with the quality of the compressors. We find the compressors easy to use and easy to maintain. With the type of services provided by the company we believe that these compressors are value for money.

Hiren Dubal

Gandhi Spices Pvt. Ltd.

This is to certify that we are using Mycom ( Mayekawa) Compressors - 2 Nos. for last one and half year, they are running trouble free with zero maintenance.

Click here to read the complete Certification pdf provided by the client.

M. Venkata Rami Reddy, Director

Rythu Raksha Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd.

This is to certify that M/s. Unique Airtech, Vadodara has supplied, installed and commissioned one no. of Mayekawa India Pvt. Ltd. make MYCOM 4L compressor at our site at Bodeli Chilling Center, Alladhpura, Vadodara of 45 Tr, Capacity at -7 deg. cent. and is running very smoothly with no vibration and lesser sound compared to our Frick make reciprocating compressor. Also it is having good efficiency in terms of performance and...

Click here to read the complete Certification pdf provided by the client.

Assi. Gen. Manager, Bodeli Milk Chilling Centre

Baroda Dist. Co-Op. Milk Producers Union Ld.