breweriesIn the world's beer market, there are countries whose markets are inclined to shrink while there are surges in demand in developing countries including BRICS. Since a few years ago China has been the world biggest country in producing beer. Now there are some huge multinational corporations, accounting for an almost 60% share of the world market.

Under this situation, beer breweries need advanced technologies such as higher efficiency, energy saving and environmental technology in both enhancement of competitiveness and environmental measures.
At brewery plants, heating and cooling energy is used in large amounts; there are heating processes such as boiling process of wort as raw materials and cleaning and sterilization process of containers by steam while there are cooling processes such as cooling process after boiling and cooling process in fermentation. There are also a lot of waste from raw materials and high density wastewater.

Mayekawa offers the best system with higher productivity and enhanced quality for the brewery industry using two technologies; one is “the integrated energy saving system for entire plant” to make the best use of those distinctive processes in producing beer, which consume heating and cooling energy, the other is “biogas reuse technology (boiler and cogeneration)” to use methane gas effectively, which is produced in anaerobic wastewater treatment process.

In emerging countries centering Asia, we apply these technologies to Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects as per the Kyoto Protocol, achieving good results in successful GHG (Greenhouse gas) emission reduction.

Mayekawa offers systems and products below:

Vapor recompression system (VRC)

Heat pump for pasteurizer/warmer

Cascade cooling system

Energy-saving system by utilizing thermal stratification tanks

Ice storage/conveyance system (dynamic ice, sub-cooled ice)

CO2 recovery/liquefaction system

Biogas reuse (boiler/cogeneration)


AB InBev


SAB Miller


- CDM Projects:

Energy Efficiency Improvement Project at a Beer Brewery in Lao PDR

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We have been using Mayekawa, (Mycom 4L) 2 nos. compressors and we are very satisfied with the quality of the compressors. We find the compressors easy to use and easy to maintain. With the type of services provided by the company we believe that these compressors are value for money.

Hiren Dubal

Gandhi Spices Pvt. Ltd.

This is to certify that we are using Mycom ( Mayekawa) Compressors - 2 Nos. for last one and half year, they are running trouble free with zero maintenance.

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M. Venkata Rami Reddy, Director

Rythu Raksha Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd.

This is to certify that M/s. Unique Airtech, Vadodara has supplied, installed and commissioned one no. of Mayekawa India Pvt. Ltd. make MYCOM 4L compressor at our site at Bodeli Chilling Center, Alladhpura, Vadodara of 45 Tr, Capacity at -7 deg. cent. and is running very smoothly with no vibration and lesser sound compared to our Frick make reciprocating compressor. Also it is having good efficiency in terms of performance and...

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Assi. Gen. Manager, Bodeli Milk Chilling Centre

Baroda Dist. Co-Op. Milk Producers Union Ld.