leisureAt the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics all newly constructed ice venues adopted Mayekawa's state of the art refrigeration systems. Making use of natural refrigerants and working fluids, Mayekawa created the perfect ice conditions for each sporting event and kept the facilities ecologically friendly. In building bobsleigh/luge tracks which first employed artificial ice for ice rinks in Asia at that time Mayekawa joined the project from the designing stage and established a safe and efficient cooling system for the tracks using indirect cooling system, playing an important role in the games' success.

Ice rinks

Since its inception, Mayekawa's compressors have been employed by many ice facilities around the world.

The required ice quality differs in its use from sport to sport, such as speed skating, ice hockey, figure skating, curling rinks and bobsleigh/luge tracks. Mayekawa not only provides compressors but also helps make the best ice quality for individual sports. We realize the preferable ice conditions by controlling ice temperature with a feed-back control system using ice temperature, ice surface temperature or brine.

Taking advantage of our extensive experience in committing refrigeration systems for ice rinks we are making efforts to realize environmentally friendly "Eco Arena" including buildings, refrigeration systems, lighting and air conditioning systems.

"Eco Arena" is an ice arena which not only provides the best quality ice for individual competition but also considers designing and installing ice-rinks, buildings, maintenance and management of refrigeration systems with a comprehensive view toward energy-saving and the environment.

Ski slopes

At ski slopes we realize artificial snow slops by dispersing crushed ice before snowy season, utilizing knowhow of ice making. Theses technologies also contributed to realize the world's first indoor ski slope with artificial snow.

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Client Testimonials

We have been using Mayekawa, (Mycom 4L) 2 nos. compressors and we are very satisfied with the quality of the compressors. We find the compressors easy to use and easy to maintain. With the type of services provided by the company we believe that these compressors are value for money.

Hiren Dubal

Gandhi Spices Pvt. Ltd.

This is to certify that we are using Mycom ( Mayekawa) Compressors - 2 Nos. for last one and half year, they are running trouble free with zero maintenance.

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M. Venkata Rami Reddy, Director

Rythu Raksha Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd.

This is to certify that M/s. Unique Airtech, Vadodara has supplied, installed and commissioned one no. of Mayekawa India Pvt. Ltd. make MYCOM 4L compressor at our site at Bodeli Chilling Center, Alladhpura, Vadodara of 45 Tr, Capacity at -7 deg. cent. and is running very smoothly with no vibration and lesser sound compared to our Frick make reciprocating compressor. Also it is having good efficiency in terms of performance and...

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Assi. Gen. Manager, Bodeli Milk Chilling Centre

Baroda Dist. Co-Op. Milk Producers Union Ld.